Create your own distributed storage network using only your personal devices

  • Easy Setup
  • Unified Data Access
  • Smart Synchronization
  • Automatic Backup & Restore
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Easy setup & zero network configuration

Creating a datagnan network is simple. Start with one device and then pair all your other devices. Pairing can be done by scanning either a QR-code or entering an invitation code. The order by which you join your devices does not matter and you can trigger an invite from any device that is already paired.

Your devices will then auto-discover and authenticate each other - no need to remember hostnames or manually create private keys and certificates.

Unified access: all your files from all your device

Datagnan keeps track of your files and folders and provides the same perspective on every device via smart synchronization. As datagnan distinguishes between synchronization of metadata and actual file contents this works independently of the storage capacity of the respective devices.

Files and folders that don't fit or are not physically stored on a device are simply injected into the device's local filesystem. Upon access of non-local files, the content is streamed from the source device(s) as if the files were local. Hence, even remote files appear to be local.

Automatic backup & restore

Mark your important files and folders to enable automatic backup of your data. Specify how many copies shall be available in your storage network and stop worrying.

If a device is damaged or broken, at least one copy of your files is always available. And the best part: you will not notice the loss because datagnan automatically takes care of the situation and re-routes file requests to your backup devices.

Policy over manual activities

Never carry out file operations by yourself anymore. Express what you need and let datagnan handle the rest. Simply define

  • which folders are needed on which devices, and
  • which data is important to you.

Personal file storage management was never so easy.

Easy upgrade & lifecycle management

With datagnan, there is no master device or central coordination unit that needs to be available and functional at all times. Due to a distributed system architecture, your storage network can be extended by new devices easily, and existing devices can be removed or replaced without disruption.

All management data is distributed as well, hence, there is no need for re-configuration if you upgrade one of your devices or replace it by a new one with increased storage capacity.